Serving southern Alberta with excellence since 2018

 New Prairie Electric was founded in 2018 by our Master Electrician and President, Ashton Ervin. With over 16 years in the industry,  Ashton and his team have been able to help clients with all their electrical needs- no matter how challenging the project. 

When you need electrical services in southern Alberta, call New Prairie Electric. Our experienced technicians will help you through all phases of your project, leaving you with piece of mind and a quality product.

 Thank you for your business!

Dedicated to the customer

Have satisfaction in knowing that when you choose New Prairie Electric for your electrical needs, you will be getting a reliable, safe, and quality product. Our electricians are held to the highest standards in quality and safety, bringing the customer piece of mind throughout the entire project. 

"I will personally see to it that every New Prairie customer has smile on their face by the end of their project"

Ashton Ervin,